Cost Control
Cost Control

We help our doctors improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare services they offer to their patients.

Travel Assistance
Travel Assistance

Depending on your needs; history, culture, religious, spiritual tours etc. There are various travel plans.

Turkey Doctor Service
Who is TDS?

With its new generation of assistantship services, TDS brings patients and doctors together in an active system and ensures that the patient receives accurate and reliable health care.

We maintain a lasting trust & trust policy by combining our global geographic superiority and strong network structure from our global subsidiaries with our expert partners with Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation certificate.

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Excellent Service

For all our specialists and administrative staff, which accepts patient satisfaction as a basis in every condition, the service is perfection.


Easy access to specialist and perfectionist
health counselors


Innovative and sustainable medical system


TDS gives you the opportunity to discover historical riches while providing health solutions.


It allows you to be supported in health system and get the right service.


Thanks to its advanced technological network, it achieves fast and reliable results.


All of our solution provides a comfortable process while significantly reducing the cost of our partners.

TDS Assistance provides the most reliable health service to its users through a comprehensive network, while at the same time it has a service concept that takes care to manage the cost of health care.