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Cost Control

Our cost containment team monitors treatment costs regularly to prevent the occurrence of excessive invoicing. The monitoring process starts with an estimation of the medical expenses per case based on the treatment and diagnosis. At the end of the treatment we automatically screen the medical expenses for discrepancies on a line-by-line basis, including, but not limited to unnecessary testing, treatment, excessive charging and duplicate charged billing errors.

We are the leading facilitator company in Turkey working with Turkey’s top hospitals which use International protocols and multidisciplinary team approach. TDS is not bound by any hospital or doctor. it has a wide network of hospitals and doctors in Turkey. This means that you can get options with respect to cost, location, hospitals or doctors. You need not rely on one particular hospital and buy whatever they sell. Having options will help you to choose the best for you. We give you carefully selected and proven options. 

Owing to our long & cordial association with doctors, they specially make time for our patients out of their usual busy schedule to render assistance on medical or non medical aspects at no extra cost to the patient. At all times while making up your mind, planning your trip, during your stay, and after you return home, your doctor will be available by phone and email. Since medical travellers cannot visit and see their doctors before taking the trip, our facilitation services include not only an introductory conference call between you and your doctor, but also, as many other calls as needed for you to feel more comfortable and understand what to expect and for your doctor to better assess the case at hand. 

We ensure Zero Waiting Time and Best cost Service. 

Any time is right time. We are available round the clock and on ali days. Soy do not see the time or the day. Just pick the phone and call us. 
Priority scheduling of appointments, Hotel, Visa Assistance, Free Airport Transfers, language translators are some of our value add services of hospitality when you are here in Turkey. 

With our TDS Loyalty card, you can avail several benefits during your stay in Turkey. From customised Turkey tours to some leisure time shopping or relaxing at spa, there are several choices to indulge and pamper yourself & family. 

We hold your hand at every step — from your arrival till you go back; with a smile on your face. 

Even after you have returned, TDS will be in regular touch with you to schedule post surgery follow-ups or any other assistance that you might need from Turkey.